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Handpiece Tips

Some tips to help you keep your handpieces in their best condition.

Never place a handpiece under cold water to cool it

You never want to use a handpiece that has not cooled off BUT running a handpiece under cool water can warp the turbine. Using the handpiece while still warm will cause stress to the turbine. Allow the handpiece to completely cool down to room temperature prior to use.

Never knock hot handpieces together

Do not drop handpieces or knock them together as this can damage the turbine and bearings.

Do not extend burs out from their seated position

Remove burs before sterilization

Remove any bur from the handpiece before beginning a handpiece maintenance and sterilization cycle. Handpieces should never be sterilized with a bur in the chuck. The heat will cause these compressed springs to weaken under tension. 

Never place any handpiece in the ultra-sonic unit

Never place the handpiece in the ultrasonic cleaner, unless the manufacturer has a recommended product. The handpiece should never be immersed in any liquid as damage may occur.

When using a chemical sterilizer, the handpiece must be completely dry

Excess water will cause oxidation of the handpiece in the chamber resulting in corrosion. If using a plastic/ paper bag be sure the paper is facing up to ensure complete sterilization.

A handpiece should never be wiped down with a chemical disinfectant

When heated, the chemicals may react with the metal shell causing a buildup and corrosion. If left unattended they will shorten the lifespan of the instrument.

Never set air pressure above 40 psi

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on air pressure. Excessive air pressure could cause damage to the turbine bearings.

Autoclave Tips

  • Always remove bur and close levers before autoclaving
  • Lube and purge before autoclaving (keeps turbines clean) 
  • Never exceed 275 F (135C) in sterilizer