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Checkup Program

Maintenance is Important

For just $50 per visit we can keep your tools running and feeling like new! Dental tools are expensive... so why wait until a catastrophic breakdown to have a technician check them out? Regular cleaning and maintenance can greatly extend the life of your handpieces.

What We Do

  During every maintenance visit our technicians carefully check each handpiece for proper operation and each handpiece is oiled and cleaned. We will inform your office of any additional repairs needed and let you know of any foreseeable problems that may be preventable.  

3 and 6 Month Options

Offering 3 and 6 month checkup programs to help you maintain your handpieces, minimize down time, maximize tool efficiency, and keep your office running at full speed!

Mobile Service

Handpiece Rescue is a mobile service so maintenance is done on-site in our mobile lab! This means that we can have your tools back in your hands in minutes as opposed to our competitors who may take days or even weeks.

Technical Assistance

Our knowledgeable technicians are full of helpful handpiece tips to keep your office assistants informed about the tools you use daily.


Ask us about our maintenance program discounts and offers!